“…repaired and rebuilt the top courses of bricks for 2 chimneys, relined the boiler flue with
heavy gauge stainless steel liner and added 2 concrete crowns to [the top of] 2 chimneys.
Detailed proposal describing exactly the work and materials used, punctual in arriving and
completing work, excellent results."

“They were knowledgeable, professional and overall the experience was pleasant. I would actually use
them again.”

“They arrived on time and were extremely careful not to get any dust inside the house. Very pleasant
and well versed in chimney care and safety”

V.D. Cross River

M.B.  White Plains


“…I did have to wait almost a month for an appointment, but it was worth it. What I liked was his low-key professional, but still lighthearted manner (he arrives wearing a stove-pipe style hat), his care of working neatly and not trying to make me feel that I needed to spend lots of money to fix the problems…”

H.F.   Valhalla

“Have used Chim-Chiminey twice before. They have been incredibly honest both in their recommendations and estimates and would not trust any other company to perform such judicious work. All of the staff are courteous and professional and take time to explain everything they are doing.”

J.P.  Hartsdale

P.W.  Chappaqua

Chimney Sweeping Service, Inc.

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Providing Exceptional Chimiiney Maintenance and Repair Since 1979

“They were on time, very professional and clearly knew their business. They also were notably honest and had integrity about their work. Bill told us both the furnace and fireplace flues were clean and needed no sweeping. He was clear in his assessment to us, explaining that the fireplace could use a smoke guard to prevent a smoking problem and they completed the job in a very efficient manner. At the end, Bill told us we wouldn’t need another inspection for 2 years – and didn’t try to convince us to use his service more than we needed to.
We will definitely use Chim-Chiminey again. They came highly recommended to us and we can see why!
Their prices also seemed quite reasonable. We recommend them with no reservations.”

S.F.  Sleepy Hollow

E.T.  New Rochelle

“They are professional. I have been happy with them. I have had them for a number of years. They are not the people who call you up over the phone [phone soliciting]”
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