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HEAVY-WALL STAINLESSS STEEL LINERS– We recommend the heavy-wall liner when a flue needs to be lined or relined, which has a strong outer wall 5 to 10 times thicker than the light-weight liner walls. Yes, both liners come with manufacturer’s lifetime warrantees, but these do not cover the labor to remove and reinstall a failed liner. We have replaced several light-weight liners that have corroded through within 5 years of installation. This is because the light-weights are corrugated to strengthen them. This corrugation catches the corrosive liquids condensing in the liner which eats away at the bends in the metal. We have never seen a heavy-wall liner corrode through, as it is relatively smooth inside. Also the acids have to corrode through 5 to 10 times the amount of metal. We have found that if the tile liner collapses, it will not harm a heavy-wall liner. As an example of the difference in thickness, you can cut through a light-weight liner with a pocket knife. It takes a metal or diamond saw to cut through the heavy-wall liner.

CUSTOM-MADE CHASE COVERS FOR PREFAB CHIMNEYS –If you don’t have a masonry chimney, you probably have a prefab metal chimney surrounded by a wood chase with a metal chase cover. Most original chase covers were made out of galvanized steel which have sagged and rusted out. Water pools up on them, then leaks down the chimney and rots out the metal firebox. We can replace them with aluminum or stainless steel chase covers that will not corrode through.

MASONRY CHIMNEY CROWNS –Most tops of masonry chimneys in this area are covered with a thin flat layer of mortar on top to protect them. Sometimes this thin surface lasts a couple of decades before it cracks due to expansion/contraction and water gets in to loosen up top layers of masonry and flue tiles. This water then pours down the chimney, rotting out fireplaces, flue tiles and flue pipes. When the chimney is repaired with this same type of mortar surface, we have found its lifespan is reduced about 75%. So we have been replacing these top surfaces when we rebuild the chimney top with thick reinforced concrete crowns that overhang the chimney sides by 2” with drip edges, so water drips away from chimney. There is no thin portion to crack or break in the concrete, as the crown is 8” thick in the middle and 5” thick at the sides. There are bond breaks that separate the flue tiles, chimney and crown from each other, so they can expand or contract without cracking. The top surface is steeply pitched, so water never sits on top. This type of crown is recommended by the Brick Institute of America and the Chimney Safety Institute of America. It is used as the chimney’s main defense against the elements in very cold climates in the U.S. Mid-West and Central Europe.

FIREPLACE FIREBOX REBUILDS –The area in the fireplace where the fire burns is called the firebox. It is sometimes made of metal or brick that may rot away or crack due to water intrusion and heat expansion. It also may be built of the wrong material, not insulated correctly or designed wrong, so it may be unsafe or draft poorly. We can cut out and remove the old firebox and replace it with a better designed, insulated, firebrick firebox (or replace the refractory panels in prefab fireboxes) so that it is safer, drafts better and puts out much more heat into the house. We can even rebuild it as an efficient Rumford fireplace.


BELLFIRE FIREPLACE FIREBOX –One of the industries finest refractory fireplaces manufactured today. This can be used as a replacement firebox for a masonry fireplace or it can be made into a new UL Listed close-clearance prefab fireplace or prefab fireplace replacement. It is an extremely well insulated firebox that comes close to radiating as much heat as a wood stove and yet creates a spectacular draft for poor draft situations involving small flue sizes or short chimneys. Many our customers rave about this firebox. In fact Bill Perron installed one in his own home and is always willing to show it off. For more info go to www.bellfiresusa.com


A VARIETY OF RAIN CAPS AND TOP DAMPERS –We carry a variety of sizes and brands of top dampers and stainless steel rain caps on the truck and store even more sizes at our shop. We can also order custom sizes to fit any chimney or more aesthetic copper caps or caps with hip and ridge roofs. We can get copper chimney pots or order a pot topper cap for your tile chimney pot. All come with Lifetime Warrantees. The caps keep debris, wildlife and water out of the flue openings and break up sparks from fireplaces. The top dampers are more efficient than bottom dampers at preventing heat loss when fireplaces are not in use and act as caps as well.       

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