A Chimney Sweep Wedding

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Our Staff

Chimney Sweeping Service, Inc.

Providing  Exceptional  Chimney  Maintenance  &  Repair  since  1979


Cheers us up in the morning with her antics and good spirits before we go to work and greets us on our return. Maddie has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and is considering becoming a therapy dog.


Our newest staff member, who has jumped into this job with enthusiasm and learned the business at record speed. She grew up in Yorktown, graduated from WCC and got her Masters at Mercy College. After a career in human services and then as a mom, she is now active in the Brownies and Cub Scouts with her younger children and involved in other community service.         

Kelly Sorrentino  (Part-Time Office Assistant)

Maddie  (Morale Officer)

Grew up in Ossining and after attending St Bonaventure and graduating from Pace, he taught for a while and then went on to working in carpentry and painting. He joined us in September of 2003 and became a certified chimney sweep in the next year. Though you may find him on the roof, he is your man for figuring out problems at the bottom of the flue and making sure every particle of debris is removed. He is our indispensable concrete mixer, mixing concrete and mortar exactly to specs to create a good durable set.
Mike, another cat lover is an avid NASCAR fan and spends his time restoring his ’74 Ford Maverick..

Mike Mattson  (Chimney Technician)

Ray Mulligan  (Field Supervisor)

Grew up in Katonah on the grounds of Caramoor where he ended up working maintaining their lawns and gardens. After working as a UPS driver for 12 years, he felt it was time for a change and answered our ad. He has been working for us since July 1998 and became a certified chimney sweep in January of the next year. He has attended chimney conventions and workshops with us since and has become a highly qualified chimney technician. He’s the man to call on to get to the top of a seemingly impossible chimney.
Ray is another avid gardener, who enjoys his cats and is an active American Legion member.

Grew up in New Rochelle and White Plains. She is an NYU graduate with a Masters from Hunter College. She met Bill in 1990 when she was working as director of a day treatment program for developmentally disabled adults. When on sabbatical in late 1993, she took over in an emergency as temporary office manager and got hooked. She began attending conventions and workshops with the rest of us and probably knows more than some certified sweeps. She has been quoted as saying she traded in her high heels for fuzzy slippers.
She participated in the nature programs on the side and is now enjoying the garden and our dog. She enjoys listening to classical and Broadway music while answering your calls.





Bill and Janet were married in April of 1997 with several chimney sweeps in attendance for good luck, some from as far way as Sweden .  As a good chimney sweep should,  Bill wore  top hat and tails and carried a chimney brush and pole. The first dance at the reception was a waltz version of Mary Poppins’s Chim-Chim-Cheree.  Not so easy but appropriate!


Actually, a chimney sweep at a wedding has traditionally been a  symbol of good luck and, over the years, Bill has been hired to appear in full garb at a number of weddings so that  the bride could kiss  him for luck!. 

Janet Perron  (Office Manager)

Bill Perron  (PRESIDENT)

Grew up in Ossining and never left the county except to go to college. A Cornell University graduate, he worked as a naturalist in 3 local Westchester nature centers in the 5 years after graduation. In 1978, Bill read an article on the history of chimney sweeping and the need for it in this country after the 2nd oil crisis of the 70s. He read up on everything available about the vocation (which was very little at that time) and started Chim-Chiminey in August of 1979. He purchased the equipment along with a top hat and an instruction manual (that did not help a lot) and did friends’ and family’s chimneys for free until he felt confident enough to go out on his own. He continued to do a number of freelance nature programs on the side, especially one on reptiles for school and scout groups in the area.
In the mid-1980s he joined the National Chimney Sweep Guild to try to gain more knowledge of the problems he was running into involving draft problems and water leaks. He became CSIA Certified in 1992 and started attending chimney conventions and workshops around the country to develop better knowledge and skills.
Presently, Bill spends one day in the office and the rest of the week on jobs, doing everything from troubleshooting to normal sweepings. He still wears his top hat as he says it prevents him from falling off roofs. His free time is spent on gardening and taking his dog to training classes and on walks. He gave up doing nature programs in 2001 so he could become a Master Gardener volunteer for the Westchester Cornell Cooperative Extension Service.